1. Any political trinkets you wish to burn at the feet the Prime Agora, ie posters, yard signs, old “literature”. It will cleanse your spirit.
  2. Something to Share: Agora stands for markets, so if the spirit of Konkin moves you. Then bring somethings that you are willing to part with and that you think others may like to obtain.
  3. Sleeping Bags: If you are in a Cabin or Tent you will need it. Just trust me on this one.
  4. Cards, Games, Conversation Skills: Each day is jam packed with speakers/demos/attractions met to excite and instruct, but you will have a minute or two to stop and smell the roses. Maybe even meet a fellow traveler or two. There is nothing like a card game over a nice cup of Rothbard Rum to make an acquaintance into a lifelong comrade or a Craigslist love lost ad.
  5.   Whatever the heck you darn well please. I ain’t your Mommy!!