AgoraFest 2015

What Is AgoraFest?

AgoraFest is a four day outdoor festival and retreat for those who value individual liberty, free markets, non-aggression, and peace. Our festival is located in eastern South Dakota just across the Minnesota border, at a completely renovated resort with its own small spring-fed lake located on the outskirts of the small town of Gary, SD.

Each day you will find lots of interesting and enjoyable things to do, including attending the many exciting workshops and seminars, participating in technology demonstrations, discovering valuable goods that individuals may be willing to trade, sampling delicious food and drink, taking a relaxing swim or innertube ride in the lake, exploring the many trails and abundant wildlife in the area, or just catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

In the evenings there will be live musical entertainment, parties and other gatherings, some of which will last well into the morning hours. For families and those that prefer more peace and quiet, there are campsites available far away from the loud folks. Although there are plenty of things to do, you won’t feel pressured to attend anything. Do what you want, as long as it doesn’t harm others.

An Association Of Libertarian Small Groups

AgoraFest was originally conceived in 2013 as a way for the many small groups that regularly meet in Minnesota to get together for a larger festival, where they could demonstrate their knowledge and skills and enjoy each others company. While many of the attendees self-identify as libertarian, there are attendees who have described themselves as agorists, minarchists, voluntaryists, humans (and trans-humans), cyborgs, robots, androids, and of course all the colors & flavors of anarchists. You’ll fit right in I’m sure.

Festival Location and Amenities

AgoraFest is held on the grounds of Buffalo Ridge Resort in Gary, SD. More information about Buffalo Ridge Resort can be found on their website.  CLICK HERE

The site features:

  • Over 100 acres of great plains oak savanna located on the Coteau des Prairies in eastern South Dakota
  • Top quality catering and an on-site bar & grill
  • A bath house with hot showers and full bathroom facilities
  • An outdoor courtyard for meetings and meals
  • Pristine lake for swimming or tubing
  • A modern RV park with full hookups and numerous camping sites
  • Peace and quiet


 We look forward to seeing you at AgoraFest!