FarmersMarketsIt would be a pretty silly AgoraFest if there was nothing bartered, traded, or other valuable goods exchanged. The Agora is really anywhere and everywhere during AgoraFest – but many of our vendors & exhibitors will be located in Woodhaven Lodge, which will be open for business and pleasure 24 hours every day during AgoraFest.

If you are interested in vending or exhibiting in Woodhaven Lodge please email to reserve a table and to get more information.

Vendors & Exhibitors at Woodhaven Lodge

Bug's Snacks

Bug’s Snacks

When you get the munchies – and you will – Bug’s has got you covered!


Cara's CafeCara’s Cafe

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with snacks and tea and coffee service. Menu posted daily.



The Economy Counter

Just because resources are scarce, doesn’t mean they need to be expensive.




Master Rogers Magical Elixirs

Is it magical, is it delicious, is it refreshing, is it fortifying, is it healing, is it perhaps even mood altering? Why yes, yes it is!




“While Rome burns we add a little flavor to it.”

Mr. & Mrs. Schmaltz, Proprietors





Best damn coffee in the outer spiral rim of the galaxy called the Milky Way.


Omnicron Group/Pistolcraft/R Steven Rogers Protective Services

It is a dangerous world out there. Nice to know that there is someone who has your back.

rocky mountain chocolate factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Chocolate, Baby!


Slinger Silver





State-free Silver for the Everyday Agorist.