I once was born in a sea of storm
on a galley of weavils and rum,
i was kept inside a cannon to hide
when the ship was over-run,

And the boys in blue knew what to do,
and the boys in red lay dead,
as the blood ran down the decking,
the captain rightly said:

We are the last of the free,
today is our victory,
now scatter them bones
and we’ll get under way,
the waves are waiting for me.


Dear Comrades,

We are seeking dedicated stakeholders to help fund AgoraFest 2016. Like any good venture it requires capital and a good deal of elbow grease. There are many moons between now and when this ship sails, but we need to be diligent, foresighted and eager to throw the sails into the wind. As a stakeholder, you’ll be helping to steer our course and if a bountiful bounty is found you’ll be the first to taste the coin. Cause only the crew gets a share.

But, we’re NOT looking for docile, codfish laden, scurvy deserters. If  you are in, THEN we’re also expecting you to take an active role in helping to plan, organize and execute from now until next September when we push this ship out to sail. From moping the decks to setting the rig, we’re going to need all hands on deck. These are the key areas we’re looking to plot out:

  • The Agora/Exhibitors
  • Schedule/Demos
  • Registration/Welcome
  • Website/Social Media/Network
  • Stage/Entertainment

So put your mind to where you can be the biggest bouy. Adventure and Glory await those that act boldly when fortune places it’s mark in front of you. Will you heed the call of Agora, Anarchy and Action, our patron saints that mark the skies and seas in front of us?

To secure our port at the Villa, a deposit needs to be made. So, we need you to drop some coin into the cup and place your mark on the AGORA ARTICLES, below.

The time to act is NOW!

Make a Contribution Here:


And a little song for your enjoyment.