Greetings Agorists!

A lot of planning and behind the scenes action has been going on, so I thought it was probably time for an update. I will be doing these regularly and frequently from now until the event, so please keep checking the website for news!

As we suspected would happen quickly, the Wildwood Cabin (the nicer of the two cabins) is sold out. Sorry! But there is still plenty of room at Hogwarts (Marian Hall) and tent camping is of course available. For those of you who don’t mind the communal bunkhouse experience, there is also room yet at the Starwood cabin.

The entertainment and nightlife is starting to come together! We will have a permanent stage setup at Woodhaven Lodge and there will be both a DJ and a karaoke machine. And, it looks like we will have some live music also – more to come on that soon!

You are of course welcome to exchange goods and services as you wish, but if you want to have an indoor table reserved for you at Woodhaven, please email us with your vendor/exhibitor information and we will reserve a space for you and help promote your enterprise. There will be a small fee to help pay for the cost of the lodge. Keep in mind that the lodge has a full commercial kitchen, so those of you who want to do any preparation in this kitchen will also want to make a reservation.

Our Saturday evening meal will be planned, prepared, and served by YOU! I know that several people have already been working on providing some great dishes and there will be both vegan and gluten free options, as well as plenty of paleo-type foods. It is entirely up to you whether you want to charge or require an exchange for your contributions or not, and I suspect there will be a wide range of choices – I’m already getting hungry!

Well that’s probably enough for now but I’ll have more updates in the next few days. Let us know if questions or issues, and I look forward to seeing you at AgoraFest!