VillaMariaMarianFallRooms at Hogwarts (Marian Hall) are starting to fill up! We of course have lots of other options including cabins and tent camping, but if you have always wanted to stay at a historic convent that is built like a fortress, with comfy beds, heating & air conditioning, and a bit more privacy than the other choices, you should register soon as they are going fast!

Also, we’ve had a few requests to stay at Marian for one or two nights only. Because of our deal with Villa Maria, we need to guarantee that we will sell all three nights, so regrettably we can’t split the rooms by day. But, that doesn’t mean YOU can’t do that! If you only want to stay at Marian for one or two nights, you can always make a deal with another agorist for the night(s) you won’t be staying there. A couple people did this last year and the mutual benefit of those voluntary exchanges brought tears of joy to my eyes. Feel free to comment on this thread if you are looking for partners to share a room at Marian, or post on the AgoraFest 2015 event page, or just work it out among yourselves in whatever way works best for you – I’m looking forward to seeing you all at AgoraFest!

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