We were wanderers from the beginning. – Carl Sagan
We are all about living as free as possible, and, as one slightly less insane than average human being said many years ago, on a planet that increasingly resembles one huge Maximum Security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break. But how does one break out of a maximum security prison, particularly one whose walls are becoming taller and wider every day?
Please consider AgoraFest a place where, in small but hopefully useful ways, you can learn how to begin to tunnel under, fly over, or sweet talk your way out the front gate. And perhaps even more importantly, once you have escaped, how to keep from being once again captured and enslaved.
This is our sixth year, and we are back in South Dakota at Buffalo Ridge Resort. Most everyone I talked to last year really liked the location, and even though it is a bit of a drive from the Twin Cities, it has lots of great accommodation options, including newly remodeled hotel rooms, full hookup RV sites, and plenty of tent camping which can include electricity and water. If you are traveling to AgoraFest from outside the region, you can fly into Minneapolis/St Paul and rent a car, there are many folks who will give you a ride to Buffalo Ridge, or you can fly into Sioux Falls which is only an hour or two from AgoraFest.
If you have never been to AgoraFest the basic info is on our About AgoraFest page here – https://agorafest.com/index.php/about-agorafest/.
This year our mission is the same – to learn and practice the art and science of living free. We have some exciting new activities and workshops this year but before I tell you about them, here are some of the activities from previous years that will be happening again this year:
• Still the largest libertarian bookstore in the Upper Midwest (that we know of anyway!)
• Bigger, faster, and smarter drones – recreational flying, lessons if you need them, aerial photography, and maybe this year we will finally get some drone racing happening!
• Model Rocketry – A blast for kids from 10 to 100, and if the wind cooperates we can launch some even bigger rockets this year!
• A large variety of food & drink, prepared by AgoraFest attendees and also by Buffalo Ridge – I understand the Kobayashi Dhaba will return with even more delicious Northern Indian food!
• More discussions and demonstrations of Artificial Intelligence, a controversial subject last year and I hope will be even more controversial this year!
• Outdoor nature walks and bicycle rides exploring the Buffalo Ridge area
• Live entertainment in the evenings
• Great parties – maybe even more strange and esoteric than last year, if that is even possible
Workshops and seminars on many topics, ranging from science and technology, health and wellness, home brewing, self defense, and all things related to The Market.
This year we will also have several topics relating to freedom of movement – a sine qua non (look it up) – of individual liberty I think. For the vast majority of the history of humanity, people flourished because they had the ability and willingness to move to places where they could avoid becoming enslaved or killed, and where they had better conditions for survival. While today we seem to have much better transportation technology, our movements are increasingly tracked, taxed, and restricted by states and state actors. And also increasingly, most of humanity seems to be encouraged (herded?) into large cities and urban areas, which contain many material advantages, but on the down side also make it easier for states to extract your property, monitor your movements, and, when these herds (or hives) either self-destruct due to corruption, crime, or inability to maintain complex centralized systems, or become obstacles to regime change, they result in the death of thousands and sometimes millions of innocent people (think Hiroshima, Dresden, and Aleppo – whatever that is). Our discussions will look at whether the future of humanity really is more and more people packed into smaller spaces, or whether it might be wiser and healthier to leave the city/plantation, whether voluntarily or otherwise.
To sum up, AgoraFest is as usual about the limitless opportunities for individuals to grow and expand their knowledge and skills, to become confident and fearless in the face of any threat whether coming from states, corporate hives or other individuals, and to overcome all obstacles to you becoming the kind of men and women you desire and know you can be.
See you at AgoraFest 2018!
I’ll let you know when registration is ready – should be in a week or two.