• Radical Free-Market Pamphlets
• Collectible 1st Editions
• Austrian Economics & Revisionist History
• Out-Of-Print Libertarian Paperbacks
• And… PRIZES!!!

Make your way down to Ursuline Hall and browse the Agorafest Bookstore. We have a fabulous selection of literature of interest to Libertarians, Austrian Economists, Radical Voluntaryists, and Revisionist Historians. This will be a rare occasion to browse shelves filled only with the cream of the crop for those passionate about freedom. We’ll have an array of radical pamphlets you can buy, read and easily promulgate when you’re finished. Browse our shelves and you just might find that out-of-print paperback you’ve been intending to read all these years. Or maybe invest in a rare collectible which will increase in market value as it becomes more scarce. Spend $5 at the bookstore, and you’ll get a ticket entered in a drawing for VALUABLE PRIZES!!*

Prizes Include:
First Edition “Alongside Night” (1979) (this is the first novel to depict an Agorist revolution)

First American Edition “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (Super collectible) “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

But perhaps, even better than the chance to win, will be the chance to meet others as passionate about the literature of liberty as yourself. There will be treats available for your delectation, as well as delicious beverages.

So make sure to visit Ursuline Hall this weekend.

Fri. 9am to 11am
Fri. 5pm to 7pm
Sat. 9am to 11am
Sat. 5pm -7pm (after the writers workshop)

*Limit one drawing ticket per customer.

To learn more and to register for AgoraFest 2015: