East Coasters, Midwesterners… you know you want to go to AgoraFest, and what could be better than having a day and a half long Agorist conference on the way to the BIG EVENT. Learn about how agorism was discovered and hear some tales about the early days of the New Libertarian movement and Sam Konkin’s battles and challenges along the way to developing the theory and penning the New Libertarian Manifesto, published in 1980.

We’ll have a classic train ride through picturesque New England hills, the farmlands of New York, the industrial Midwest to the hub of America’s railroads, Chicago. From there we change trains and head through Wisconsin’s farms and vacationlands, across the mighty Mississippi and into Minnesota for AgoraFest.

This will be a classic trip that you’ll never forget! Let’s see if we can get enough of a crew together to get a family room, otherwise we can cluster together in coach and have our conference in the lounge/sightseeing car. I hope you’ll join those of us coming from Worcester, Massachusetts or any town along the way, on the AgoraFest Express!

Taking the Lakeshore Limited, we’ll leave Worcester on Train 449 at 14:03 on Tuesday, 5 September

…stopping in Springfield and Pittsfield, Mass. then on to Albany, NY, where it meets up with the train from NYC


Leave New York City on Train 49 at 15:40 on Tuesday, 5 September,

…stopping in Croton-Harmon, Poughkeepsie, Rhinecliff, then Albany, NY where it hooks up with the Worcester train.

It heads onwards to Schenectady, Utica, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo, NY, then Erie, Penna, Cleveland, Elyria, Sandusky, Toledo and Bryan, Ohio, then Waterloo, Elkhart and South Bend, Indiana and on to Chicago for an 09:45 arrival at Union Station, 959 miles from its start in Boston.

After 4-1/2 hours in Union Station, we take the Empire Builder (of all things) departing at 14:15 Wednesday, 6 September,

…stopping in Glenview, Ill., Milwaukee, Columbus, Portage, Wisconsin Dells, Tomah and LaCrosse, Wis., then Winona, Red Wing, and then StPaul/Minneapolis, Minnesota, where we detrain at 22:03, 418 miles from the Chicago start.

All Aboard!

For reservations, go to Amtrak.com – get your tickets early to save on ticket prices; they go up as the departure gets closer.