belltent1Thinking about tent camping at AgoraFest this year? Perhaps you do not have a suitable tent for you, your wives (or husbands), your servants, and your concubines? Or perhaps you have anticipated your means, and prefer to stay in a more modest, yet dry and comfortable shelter. Or rather do you enjoy the company of other AgoraFest adventurers, and would like to share a tent with your comrades? All you wishes will come true with Ahmed’s Magical Tents!

Whether you are like young Aladdin starting on your journey, a rich fat merchant that needs room for your valuable goods (and your camel), or the Sultan of All the Indies, Ahmed’s Magical Tents has the tent for you! What makes our tents magical? It is obvious! When you arrive at AgoraFest, your tent magically appears at your campsite already set up and ready for you, and when you leave your tent by the same magic disappears!

But that is not all! Every one of Ahmed’s Magical Tents comes with a magical Mattress of Air, so you may float above the ground in comfort. In addition, a thousand jinn are at the command of Ahmed, ready to provide your tent with fairy lights and the power of lightning fueled by the rays of the sun, should you desire your tent to have all the comforts of your shining palace on the Tigra.

To learn more and to arrange to have your magical tent ready for you at AgoraFest 2016 please just leave a message in the comments below, or visit our Facebook page here: