Belgian BlondesAward winning Brewmeister Mark Johnson is back again with a start to finish all-grain brewing workshop at AgoraFest. This is his fourth year and each year he has provided entertaining, educational, and delicious demonstrations of the brewing art that have been one of the most attended and anticipated sessions of AgoraFest. This year Mark will be brewing a Belgian Blonde.

When I asked Mark to describe the Belgian Blonde Ale, he said,

“The Belgian Blonde is sweet, easy, light to medium bodied, and finishes very clean. It seems at first as simple as a German but retains a bit more complexity. The Belgian Blonde is like the perfect extended summer vacation in a fairy-tale land, where every day you enjoy wonderful experiences that stimulate all your senses. In the back of your mind you realize you are spending money you don’t have and are mortgaging your future and the future of your children, but you don’t seem to care at the moment. You know it will eventually end, and you will be back to reality, paying off your crushing debt with worthless currency in the midst of an economic crisis, but right now the sun is shining, the company is pleasant, and you must live for today. C’est la vie! That is the Belgian Blonde.”

(This demonstration takes a total of 3-4 hours, but there are natural breaks so you can come and go and still experience the entire process. Mark will announce during the demo approximately when the various steps will take place.)

Mark is a BJCP Certified beer judge and has been a home brewer for over 12 years. He has won Best of Show at the Minnesota State Fair Homebrew competition, and he is known for his fun and educational talks on the art of brewing, as well as his excellent beer!

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