Some have recently inquired – well they have asked anyway – whether or not we will have a bookstore this year. You know, the place where you can find classic books on Austrian economics, monetary theory, history, and philosophy, both in hardcover and paperback. The place where you are able to buy collectible 1st editions, unique out of print titles, radical pamphlets, and libertarian/anarchist themed science fiction and fantasy. The place that has that book you have always wanted, but was never able to find on puny Amazon.

The answer is, Maybe.

Sure, there will be a bookstore at the Agora Symposium – there is always a chance that a casual bystander, someone coming in off the street, or perhaps one or two exceptional attendees that I have never met yet, might be interested in the books we have to offer. The question is, do you have the qualifications, do you have the skills, do you have the courage, strength and fortitude (look it up), do you Have What It Takes, to read these books.

Frankly, I doubt it.

Because these are not your government school assigned, watered down, paraphrased, 3rd year college get an easy A books. That’s right – these are not sports pages or magazines. These books are for adults, not for infants that have not yet been weaned. They contain words that, if you do not look them straight in the eye, will grab you by the throat, put you in a full Nelson, and slam you down and pin you to the mat. Many of these books contain words in languages other than your bastardized slave tongue. You don’t know Latin, or Greek, or any Romance language, or Esperanto, or German, or Russian, or Hindi, or Chinese? Well, boo hoo, that’s just too bad. And when you whine that “I don’t understand the argument the author is making”, guess what, the book doesn’t care. I don’t care either. And really, nobody cares.

And I know many of you will say to me, “We live in a post-literate age, there is no need for books anymore.” You know what I (and the future species that will replace you as apex predators on this planet) say to that? “You live in a post-intelligence age, and so there is no need for you anymore.”

Thus our new Agora Symposium bookstore – Anarcho-Mofo Books.

Need to get your learning on?! Want to finally get textual? Whether you are the kind of person who circles their A’s or not, you may want check out Anarcho-Mofo Books, the finest purveyor of libertarian and anarchist-related books & pamphlets in Minnesota. All other hyphenations are just, well, playground talk.

So, you think you are worthy of acquiring these books?

We shall see.

To learn more and to sign up for Agora Symposium 2018:

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