Bob Davis BASICBLACKLOGOLibertarians, much less agorists, have never had a lot of friends in the be-careful-what-you-say-comrade-your-license-is-coming-up-for-renewal communications medium also known as broadcast radio. One of the very few friends, maybe even the only one, at least in the Minneapolis-St Paul area, has been Bob Davis. In the land where right-wing talk radio many times makes the Völkischer Beobachter seem like rational intellectual discourse by comparison, Bob Davis has been the exception.

Bob has now thankfully graduated from FCC licensed propaganda, and has a popular podcast featuring the economy, foreign policy, local events, and sometimes politics. You can’t miss him as he operates out of a red and black former ambulance,¬† now recording studio and sometimes residence! At his best, Bob is the quintessential storyteller – I wonder what kind of stories he will tell about AgoraFest?

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