One of the most common questions we get asked about AgoraFest is about Teh Internets. Well, we’re not really out in the boonies, but we’re not exactly in The Big City either. Cell phone service is not bad from most of the providers, and I understand a couple towers have been upgraded since last year. Villa Maria does have a modest DSL connection, but wi-fi is pretty much confined to some but not all of Marian Hall. Which is Why…

We’re installing our own wireless mesh network over the entire friggin’ 70 acre campus!!!

Yes, my Candy Crush Saga and Farmville addicted friends, we’ll have our own network with a gateway to the outside internets, and also with local information about AgoraFest, a map so you don’t get turned around, and some communications tools so you can text or chat peer to peer with other attendees. So if you have a wi-fi enabled laptop, smartphone, radio hat, or a direct cortical link, you will be able to login to AgoraFestNet. This network will also help our participants with their various workshops and business ventures I’m sure – we’ll get you more info on this when you arrive at AgoraFest.

P.S. We’ll have a workshop on mesh networking during the Fest so you can learn how all this works.

P.P.S. The AgoraFest mesh network team could use some help in setting this up on Friday, so if you are interested in learning how to install these networks and can lend a hand please let us know!

radio hat cropped