caras cafe soupWith cooler Fall weather, we’ll focus on warm and filling soups this year. If you have a favorite soup you’d like me to make, go ahead and let me know in the comments.

Last year our gourmet TOMATO SOUP & GRILLED CHEESE sold out in mere hours. And no wonder. Fire roast the tomatoes pureed with organic heavy cream and seasoned with thyme. Why thyme and not basil? Don’t ask questions. The grilled cheese is a serious upgrade on comfort food, too. Hits the spot after indulging in agorist activities.

We’ll have other offerings for lunch and dinner every day. For those going gluten free or vegetarian, I got you covered. Located in the Food Tent, plenty of seating.

Cara Schulz is a writer and glamper who lives with more comfort, beauty, and grace when camping outdoors than most of us do in our homes. She also makes incredible mead. More about Cara here:

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