caras cafeCara’s Cafe – Agorist Haute Cuisine

Think fine dining is off the table at Agorafest? Not so. Cara’s Cafe will serve meals, snacks, beverages.

I will have a LIMITED number of meals available for lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday – Cara’s Cafe – located outside under the white canopy. Candles, tableclothes, sit down service. And yes, I DO take bitcoin and yes, I will barter.

Tentative Hours:

Friday 5pm-7pm

Saturday: 11am-1pm Lunch, 6pm-8pm

Snacks and coffee and tea service are offered anytime I’m in!

Tentative Menu – Subject To Change

Stuffed Mushrooms (GF)
Three portabella mushrooms stuffed
with salmon and topped with cheese

Antipasta plate (V, GF, DF)
olives, pickles, meats, mustard
& bread or GF crackers

Roasted Chicken (GF, DF)
Chicken breast roasted over a bed of garlic.
Served with root vegetables.

Cheese Enchiladas (V)
Two enchiladas filled with cheese, sour cream,
and fresh cilantro. Homemade salsa over the
top. Served with refried beans.

Steak Dinner (GF)
Three steak medallions sauteed in
butter, served with a heavy cream &
Roquefort sauce and a side of garlic
mashed potatoes.