Is Your Fur Bristling?

Yes Yes I know I'm behind on my AgoraFest updates, but it is Not My Fault! Just a few hours ago I escaped from the maximum security jail in Mad Dog, Texas, where I was being held for conspiracy, vagrancy, and suspicion of committing unnatural acts (of freedom). Thankfully I escaped with the help of [...]

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I Travelled And Travelled Far And Wide

Every year at AgoraFest we have live musical entertainment of some sort or another. And every year at AgoraFest most people would rather have one on one conversations, get drunk or high, chase feral cats in the Discordian tent, or (the most common activity for our tribe) go off by themselves and think deep thoughts. [...]

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結婚 – コスプレの単なる 言い訳 (Kekkon – Kosupure No Tannaru Iiwake)

You really should never need an excuse to wear your costume - as you know, superheroes (and supervillains), pirates, mongol warriors, and samurai all wear their costumes 24/7 - why shouldn't we? But if you need an excuse, what better excuse than a wedding! That's right, this year at AgoraFest our comrades Meryl Kyro and [...]

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AgoraFest 2018

We were wanderers from the beginning. - Carl Sagan   We are all about living as free as possible, and, as one slightly less insane than average human being said many years ago, on a planet that increasingly resembles one huge Maximum Security prison, the only intelligent choice is to plan a jail break. But [...]

Black Sheep Are Still Sheep

The other day I thought I'd fire up my shortwave rig and see what was happening down around 70 meters - there was the usual government propaganda crap from such bastions of freedom such as Cuba, North Korea, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and the United States. But then I picked up a faint signal at [...]

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Time To Level Up

"Cugel strode down a sweep of circular stairs into a great hall. He stood enthralled, paying Iucounu the tribute of unstinted wonder. But his time was limited; he must rob swiftly and be on his way. Out came his sack; he roved the hall, fastidiously selecting those objects of small bulk and great value: a [...]

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Fifty Shades Of Grey…Markets

No no no, I get it really. I understand completely, ladies (et les hommes naturellement - but I address le dames en ce moment s'il vous plaît). The curiosity. The mystery. The excitement and adventure of the unknown, the untried, the unexperienced. Your do not know what will happen, but you must take a chance, [...]

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