Love Is What I Got

It was a hot and humid summer day in Long Beach, California. The year was 1988. Three young Long Beach musicians, Eric Wilson, Bud Gaugh, and Bradley Nowell were practicing in Wilson's father's garage. They knew they had talent, but were frustrated at trying to break into the music business. It so happened that legendary [...]

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Echoes Of Liberty

“That is the key to history. Terrific energy is expended - civilizations are built up - excellent institutions devised; but each time something goes wrong. Some fatal flaw always brings the selfish and the cruel people to the top and it all slides back into misery and ruin." - C.S. Lewis We are very excited [...]

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Sounds Like Bacon Frying

We are excited to welcome this year to AgoraFest the Scalded Hounds, veterans of the St. Croix River valley music scene and friends of liberty! They have played at Libertarian Party of WI events, local bars, Twin Cities area clubs, as well as many clandestine music festivals which, really, I can't talk about and shouldn't [...]

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Anarcho-Zymurgy: The Belgian Blonde

Award winning Brewmeister Mark Johnson is back again with a start to finish all-grain brewing workshop at AgoraFest. This is his fourth year and each year he has provided entertaining, educational, and delicious demonstrations of the brewing art that have been one of the most attended and anticipated sessions of AgoraFest. This year Mark will [...]

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Holy Chao!

When I first heard that a Discordian sect was planning on attending AgoraFest this year, I immediately (after first notifying our security of course), posted on Craigslist Personals, under "casual encounters", the following message: Eris @ AgoraFest 2016? Is This Just Another Mindfuck? I Hope So! Plz Confirm/Deny ASAP! - Lord President Rosencrantz Merkwürdigliebe, AgoraFest [...]

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Jah People

When the music of Jah People hits you, one thing is certain - you feel no pain! We are very excited to welcome Jah People back to AgoraFest this year. Last year's concert was a big hit, and they must have enjoyed themselves too, because they kept playing songs and requests well into the early [...]

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Ad Astra Sine Regimina

More & Bigger rockets! More powerful motors! Larger recovery area! Yes we are back again this year with an expanded spaceport and launch facilities, and more rockets! There will be launches on both Friday and Saturday this year - please check the daily schedule for launch times. As usual, we are always prepared to train [...]

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