For those of you who are not interested in the meal plan, it looks like you may not starve to death after all. I have received a message from Mr. Kobayashi, who has been providing ad hoc meals at his campsite every year at AgoraFest:

The Kobayashi Family is working together again this year to bring you menu offerings to nourish and sustain you throughout your pursuit of Agora Nirvana.

Cranberry-almond granola with farm-fresh milk, and your choice of juice or coffee will help get you going in the morning. Dinner offered one night will be beef stew, the other evening pork/beef roasts cooked on location. Options for the evening meal will include red wine and Einkorn sourdough bread with raw butter.

All food lovingly prepared from scratch. Portions run out quickly, so plan accordingly.hermes

To learn more and to register for AgoraFest 2016: