Trade is the foundation of agorism, but it’s not always easy to find the time to setup shop at Agorafest with all talks, demonstrations, and catching up with friends. Why not relax and outsource the trading? This year Agorafest is fortunate to have a trader willing to take consignments. How does it work? You contact the trader, tell him the goods you want to trade, tell him what you want for your goods, and he’ll put them on his stand and trade them for you… for a nominal markup, of course. You pocket the amount you wanted and he pockets the markup. Everybody wins.

How do I contact the trader?

E-mail support[at] and we’ll forward your request to him and forward his response to you.

What happens if he doesn’t sell my goods?

You pick them up and take them home. The trader only collects his markup if somebody trades for the good.

Does the trader trade in all goods?

In an ideal world the trader would offer anything and everything. However, his space is limited so he reserves the right to reject consignment offers.

When do I get my goods to him?

Ideally you will bring your goods to Agorafest and get them to him before he opens his stand. However, if you show up late with your goods, he’s still willing to display them if there is space available.

What if I have goods to trade but can’t make it to Agorafest this year?

Although space in his caravan is limited, the trader is willing to set aside a place for your goods for a nominal nonrefundable transportation and handling fee. The goods will then be offered for trade at his stand for the same arrangement as other cosigned goods.

You will be responsible for getting your goods to the trader before he leaves for Agorafest as well as picking up any unsold merchandise after he returns from Agorafest.