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The industrial and scientific revolutions of the last 250 years have made it possible for many more people to live and prosper at the same time on our planet. Not only that but more and more people around the world are living much longer lifespans, both average and maximum. And, when people get sick, instead of dying quickly there are many medical treatments and procedures that can heal them and allow them to live longer healthier lives. We don’t know whether this trend will continue or not, but we know that the two Big Questions of human life expectancy remain unanswered:

  1. Is it possible for human beings to slow down or even reverse the effects of aging, so that humans could potentially live for many hundreds or even thousands of years?
  2. Is it possible for humans to avoid a decline in intelligence and cognitive ability as they grow older, and can they increase their intelligence regardless of age?

If these questions are interesting to you, you will want to attend The Wise Gnome workshops at AgoraFest this year. They will give an overview of the current state of life extension research and strategies, and they will also talk about the relatively new but rapidly growing area of nootropics – substances that improve cognitive ability and help to treat diseases that affect cognitive function.

Remember that once we defeat the State, we will still have two remaining Enemies – Stupidity, and Death.


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