Agorism is first and foremost about markets, specifically black markets. Through black market activity an individual can avoid contributing to the State by avoiding paying income taxes, sales taxes, permit fees, regulatory fees, etc. The underlying theory of Agorism is that if enough people reduce their contributions to the State, it will starve.

However, participating in the black market can carry consequences if you’re caught. The possibility of facing these consequences scares a lot of people away from participating in Agorism. But what if I told you that there were ways to dip your toes into the water? What if I told you that there were simple, (mostly) legal things that you could do today to reduce your contributions to the State?

As it turns out, there are a lot of ways to reduce your contributions to the State that carry few, if any, risks. Buying secondhand goods instead of new goods allows you to avoid sales taxes. Likewise, paying cash at flea markets, bazaars, and other places with lots of small sellers allows you to avoid sales taxes and sellers to avoid reporting that income on their income tax forms. Living a healthier lifestyle allows you to reduce your interactions with the healthcare system that the State now has its tentacles so firmly in. Walking and biking places reduces the amount of fuel you consume and therefore the amount of taxes you pay on fuel. Buying goods online from sellers in other states can often help you avoid paying your state’s sales taxes.

This track will start with a brief overview of a few ways you can reduce your contributions to the State. Then a group discussion will follow where participants will bring up other easy, low risk ideas for avoiding contributing resources to the State.

Are you ready to dip your toes into the water?

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