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I know that lately it has been shrinking – if you don’t believe me just have a short conversation with a stranger about, well, any topic really, or maybe just chat about overpopulation, global warming, and veganism and see how that goes – but many thousands of years ago when our brains were actually EXPANDING, we spent most of our time hanging around with, taking care of, and yes eating, Man’s Real Best Friend – The Cow.

It has only been in the last couple thousand years that the majority of humanity has focused on large scale monocrop agriculture, and this time period also happens to coincide with the rise of murderous nation states, widespread famines, and outbreaks of disease. And in the most industrialized nations today, the latest epidemics are morbid obesity, heart disease, widespread cancers, and diabetes. Yet your masters continue to advocate low fat diets, and to avoid eating meat.

When the white man first encountered the Great Plains in North America many of them did what they were told and started plowing up the beautiful grasslands so they could plant wheat. The aboriginal peoples tried to reason with them and told them, “No, no, wrong side up!” As usual, the white man for the most part didn’t listen.

The truth is, eating red meat can save your life. And according to the growing number of rotationally pastured livestock farmers, the cow might be the only answer to the rapid desertification and destruction of organic ground cover around the world, draining of streams and aquifers, and loss of biodiversity. Eating red meat will not only improve your health, but help you circumvent the centralized and nutrient poor industrialized food system, and if you want, help you create your own self-sufficient homestead or community.

In this session you will learn about Allan Savory and the Savory Institute, what rotational grazing is, and how it works and mimics nature. You will see why rotational grazing and holistic agriculture is good for people and the environment both on and off the farm, and why we need to decentralize our food system, become more self-sufficient, and how holistic agriculture can help.

And after writing this, I really want a nice steak!


Allan Savory – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Savory

Savory Institute – https://www.savory.global




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