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What would you do if you were hundreds of miles from civilization, in the middle of winter, without food, water or shelter, and with nothing except (if you were lucky), maybe a knife?

Or, if you’d rather I be not quite so dramatic, what about if times become a bit tough economically, and the ability to forage for nutritious plants to eat and to use as medicine becomes not just something you saw crazy people from the hollers of West Virginia do on TV, but skills that might keep you and your family alive?

Herbalist and Survivalist Liz Fish will both teach a basic survival skills workshop this year, as well as lead you on a nature walk where she will show you how to identify plants useful for food and medicine, locate shelter, and locate wild game. Liz is a graduate of Tom Brown’s Tracker School, has coordinated one of the largest self-sufficiency meetups in Minnesota since 2007, and has studied herbalism for over 25 years. We are very pleased and honored that she is willing to share her knowledge with us.