The Official AgoraFest FAQ

You have many questions. We do not have many answers, but we will do the best that we can. Additional questions can be directed to

Q: Where is AgoraFest?

A: AgoraFest is located approximately 160 miles west of Minneapolis in Gary, South Dakota. It is approximately a 3 hour drive from the Twin Cities.  More information about the festival location and amenities can be found on the About AgoraFest page.

Q: How and where do I register for AgoraFest?

A: Right here!

Q: Do I need to register for AgoraFest 2019 in advance, or can I just show up at Buffalo Ridge Resort on the day of the event?

A: AgoraFest 2019 is a private event held on private property (sincere apologies to our an-com and an-prim comrades). You need to register prior to the event.

Q; I despise all fiat currency. Can I register using digital currencies/gold/silver/barter/livestock/etc?

A: We regret that we have only one payment option at this time. Perhaps in the future we will have others. We recommend that you save your pieces of eight/chickens/cowrie shells for when you arrive at AgoraFest – they might prove useful.

Q: I see you are including only one meal on Sunday. What will I eat and drink the rest of the time?!

A: There are several options besides starvation. They include:

  • Bring your own food and prepare it at your campsite/RV or in the family suite.
  • It is likely that some of the campsites/RVs might include individuals that are willing to prepare food for you in return for other goods.
  • The on-site bar & grill sells not only alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but also has a menu that includes appetizers, salads and sandwiches.
  • Restaurants and grocery stores are around 5-10 minutes away, if none of the other options work for you.

Q: Can I make gift exchanges and donations of valuable goods and services  at AgoraFest?

A: Well if we said no we probably should change our name. So yes, sure, go ahead, have at it! But a few ground rules.

  • Please confine your voluntary exchanges to your campsite/RV area and the immediate vicinity. Do not set up any tables or displays at or near the hotel or courtyard.
  • We have our own private security that is responsible for assuring a safe and healthy festival for everyone. If they ask questions about your possessions or activities, please cooperate with them – they are there to help keep everyone alive and are trained medics as well. AgoraFest reserves the right to ban anything that we believe is dangerous, evil, wicked, mean or nasty, and our security has the authority to immediately enforce these bans. If you disagree with their decision, you will be asked to leave.
  • Please contact us with any exchange questions or concerns you might have – we are reasonable people and are always willing to talk.

Q: Can we bring our pet?

A: Buffalo Ridge Resort will allow you to bring your dog on premises, as long as you are in control of your dog at all times. Leashes may be required in certain areas of the festival, and you must have a kennel for your dog if you are staying in the hotel.

Q: In addition to my extra large tent, mattresses and sleeping bags, pillows, a sofa, a carpet, two lamps, my stereo system, a wardrobe, and other important stuff, I’m bringing a steam calliope to AgoraFest. Almost forgot, also a kitchen sink. How am I going to get all this stuff back to my campsite?

A: Most of the campsites are close enough to reach with your auto, and we have several ATVs that can bring your stuff out to your campsite. Is the calliope on a trailer (I hope)?

Q: I understand there will be a tent for workshops and demonstrations. How much to secure space in this tent?

A: The tent is first come first served and is free to AgoraFest attendees. Let us know right away if you need space and how much space you require. If you need a tent big enough to show off your latest armored personnel carrier, attack drone or spaceship, we reserve the right to charge you something for tent space. Or, just bring your own tent.

Q: I need electricity/hot and cold running water/sewer/internet for my camping/workshop space. What is available and for how much?

A: There is plenty of 110/120 volt AC in the hotel area and in the RV park. Hot and cold running water is limited to the hotel, RV park, and the bathhouse has hot showers and toilet facilities.

The RV sites have electricity, and there is a nearby bathhouse with sinks, showers and toilets. There is no electricity at the campsites, but you may bring (quiet) generators to provide power, or of course solar power is fine.

High speed internet is accessible from pretty much the entire festival grounds, but it might not work at your campsite, or not very well. Also, typically the internet service will at times slow down due to everyone simultaneously trying to post selfies, download kitten pics, and stream Netflix. Please take this into account and keep your internet usage reasonable.

Cellular phone service is accessible from the festival grounds, but it is better near the hotel, and spotty or non-existent (depending on your carrier) at the campsites.

There is also wireless internet available through our mesh network, and you may access it free of charge, as long as your bandwidth needs are reasonable. This is an experimental network and bandwidth is limited, so if you need access to streaming audio/video, etc you should arrange to bring your own server with your content so it can be accessed through a local network.

We realize you may have specific network or data requirements and we may be able to accommodate you (for a price). Please let us know your requirements with plenty of prior notice, so we can best accommodate your particular needs.

Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A: If you need to cancel for any reason, you may do so up to September 12 and receive a full refund.  If you need to cancel after that date, but before the start of festival, you may do so and receive a 50% refund.  Once AgoraFest begins, we cannot offer any refunds.

Q: I am a candidate for government office and/or I have a law that must be passed and/or repealed, and I have a vital message of liberty to bring to all your people. Will you allow me the courtesy of speaking about my very important message at AgoraFest?

A: You of course can speak about whatever you please, but we encourage you, for your own safety, to confine your political speech to the designated Violent Speech Zones (see map). For an example of the unintended consequences of public speaking, you may wish to read Rudyard Kipling’s ‘As Easy As A.B.C.’ –

Q: You guys are awesome! I’m seriously thinking about moving to Minnesota so together we can restore liberty and freedom to our nation! Tell me about all the opportunities available in your great state!

A: We think you are awesome too! We, think, however, that moving to Minnesota could be the most stupid thing you could ever do with your life. Minnesota  state and local governments combine the worst aspects of both socialism and fascism, and the vast majority of people in the state love their government and love being told what to do. Taxes, fees, and regulations are among the worst in the nation. We beg you, please don’t move here! Go back to where you came from and build agorist businesses and networks there, and then start your own AgoraFest. We can help you if you’d like.

South Dakota, on the other hand, is a better option.