No no no, I get it really. I understand completely, ladies (et les hommes naturellement – but I address le dames en ce moment s’il vous plaît).

The curiosity. The mystery. The excitement and adventure of the unknown, the untried, the unexperienced. Your do not know what will happen, but you must take a chance, you must see it for yourself, you must take a leap of faith, or you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Of course there is perhaps some danger, some risk. But this is part of the adventure, n’est-ce pas? And with the risk, there are the possibilities of great rewards, of great pleasures, of luxurious delights of the mind and senses. This is why you feel the rush of blood to your face, the heat, your breath quickens, your heart flutters.

Some will not understand. Why? The Why does not matter. All that matters is the feeling itself. And this is the nature of the universe – we can struggle against it, we fight to deny it, but it is of course pretense, it is a lie. The truth is that we desire, that we want to find others to enjoy what we enjoy, what we feel. There is no escaping it. It is cause and effect.

And so we must see what billions of people, spending trillions of dollars every year desire, and perhaps, lust after. Of course everyone has individual, particular tastes, and those desires must be met. And you will see that these markets are very unique, and yes some are expensive, and some are not, but all are very profitable to both those who give and receive.

I think you will enjoy very much this quick and I hope exciting and humorous overview of the fifty largest grey markets in the world – but worry not, the content will be at the most PG13 equivalent, and we will do this topic in the evening so you can choose to skip it if you like. I hope you do not.

So ladies, see, I have made a topic just for you! You are welcome. And, I sincerely hope you find that one or more of these markets, well, turns you on. 🙂

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