In a world filled with central banks and fiat currencies it can be hard to find ways to free yourself from the perils of monetary debt enslavement. Controlled interest rates limit our ability to invest. Legal tender laws restrict our choices in mediums of exchange. Monetary inflation destroys our savings and capital gains taxes punishes those who store savings in assets with stable value. It is time to opt out of this parasitic monetary system and embrace a new monetary option, free from complete control of the banking oligarchs and poisonous political systems of the globe.

Decentralized currencies place the power over money with the individual. Silver is (relatively) free of the monetary manipulations of the banking elite and history shows it’s staying power, especially in hard times. The United States once had a convenient and resilient commodity money in the form of silver dollars, half-dollars, quarters, and dimes. Today we call these coins junk silver. Just like any good money, they have retained their purchasing power and are perfectly sized for common, daily transactions. Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new monetary phenomenon and Bitcoin was one of the first. Bitcoin places the power of internet transactions in the hands of individuals. Free from a centralized and controlled hub, Bitcoin allows for personal control over transparent transactions that can cross the world digitally.

DrachmaCache is here to help you navigate this decentralized monetary world. DrachmaCache has been a service provided by Cole Anderson each year at Agorafest. Throughout the AgoraFest weekend, Cole will be trading bitcoin paper wallets and packets of junk silver. Junk silver is accepted by most of AgoraFest folks and for many it is the preferred form of exchange. Do you have questions about cryptocurrencies? Would you like to know more about the history of money? Cole would love to answer these questions and discuss any topics related to money and economics during the weekend.

Be the change you want to see in the world and free yourself and your community from the tyranny of debt-ridden fiat money. Use DrachmaCache at Agorafest 2017!

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