I wish I could tell you about the excellent beer that award winning Maître de Brassage Mark Johnson is planning to brew this year, but unfortunately I have taken a vow of silence and so I cannot tell you what it is.

Which is too bad because this beer is one of the most highly regarded beers in the world. Even though Mark in previous years has brewed some incredible beers, including a Barleywine, a Summer Ale, an Imperial Stout (which we of course renamed the American Stout), and a Belgian Ale, this year could be the best yet!

I wish I could tell you more, but I cannot. What I can tell you is that there are many pitfalls in brewing the best beer, but brother Mark clearly has a vocation in the art of brewing, and has through much study and prayer learned to avoid the temptation of cutting off fermentation too soon, as well as the trap of thinking that you have read all there is to know about brewing. Only a brewer who can, day after day, follow a strict rule for many years will succeed in avoiding the demonic pit of a spoiled brew.

Since I cannot break my vow and tell you about this wonderful beer, I can only beg you to come to AgoraFest where you can observe the master at work, and witness the fruits of a life devoted to the art of brewing. I hope to see you all and with you together shout “Down the Hatch” (en français bien sûr), as we enjoy Mark’s marvelous beer!

(This demonstration takes a total of 3-4 hours, but there are natural breaks so you can come and go and still experience the entire process. Mark will announce during the demo approximately when the various steps will take place.)

Award winning Brewmeister Mark Johnson is back again with a start to finish all-grain brewing workshop at AgoraFest. This is his fifth year and each year he has provided entertaining, educational, and delicious demonstrations of the brewing art that have been one of the most attended and anticipated sessions of AgoraFest. Mark is a BJCP Certified beer judge and has been a brewer for over 14 years. He has won Best of Show at the Minnesota State Fair Homebrew competition, and he is known for his fun and educational talks on the art of brewing, as well as his excellent beer!

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