hermesMeet Hermes. He’s been around for a long long time. How long, nobody knows, but over 2500 years at least. Those of you that are fascists might know him as Mercury, but since we don’t care for fascism very much, we’ll stick with Hermes.

Over the centuries and millennia, people have associated Hermes with many of the aspects of the Agora. In fact in one of the plays of Aristophanes he is referred to as Agoraeus, i.e. Of The Agora, or Of The Market. You might notice that Hermes has wings on his feet and head – I understand he can move incredibly fast when he wants to, and he doesn’t seem to be bothered much by borders or barriers of any kind. He is always friendly, and always willing to make a deal. He has an awesome magic double headed winged snake staff, and in our version here, he also has a cell phone or tablet computer, since Hermes is the kind of god that would find computers and cell phones indispensable.

Hermes has always helped humanity, which is likely why he was so popular among the ancient Greeks. When we were thinking about icons or symbols that represented all the benefits of free and unfettered markets, we couldn’t think of a better representative than Hermes, the god of the market. So we decided that we would use the image of Hermes as our symbol of the Agora. If it works for you please feel free to do the same.

When you see Hermes at AgoraFest, it is likely that there is somebody nearby with something to trade.

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