Mentally exhausted? Totally confused? Not Having Fun yet? Regret that you skipped Laundry Day for This!?

Excellent – we have accomplished our Objectives. Maybe next time you will learn your lesson. But we doubt it.

For those (one or two) of you that haven’t had enough punishment, there will be a short (or long, depending) free form discussion on plans for AgoraFest 2018, AgoraOne, and other sekret hidden Illuminati society(ies) projects. Attendance is only for High Priests, or at least Popes. Or really, anyone who is dumb enough to volunteer to do some work.

Attend if you dare, or if you are bored with the parties and debauchery.

We will likely meet in the Beamtenherrschaft Room (appropriate). Passwords and secret handshakes required.

(Sponsored By The Brothers of the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria)

To learn more and to sign up for Agora Symposium 2018:

Agora Symposium 2018