…on the way to AgoraFest! Which, by the way, is in Frontenac Minnesota, NOT Wisconsin! You can just click on the link on the lower right side of the home page and it will take you to google maps – hard to miss, but if you get to Lake City (or Red Wing if you’re coming from the south), you’ve gone too far.

Looks like the weather will be perfect – warm days and cool nights. Here’s some thoughts on what to bring:

  • jackets/sweaters/layers of clothing
  • flashlight
  • rain gear (if you bring it, maybe it won’t come)
  • Lawn chairs and a blanket to sit by the fire at nite
  • walkie talkies if you got ’em – will be transmitting updates on FRS channel 7 throughout the event
  • stuff to share – remember, this is AgoraFest right?!?!
  • Towels, soap, washcloth for you tenters and maybe the cabins too (I forgot to check)

See you tonight!