‘Murika – The Land where people like to tell you what they think. Endlessly.

Except, most of the time when they open their mouth you quickly realize that this is Not True after all. Sure their mouth is moving, and you can hear sounds, but thinking has nothing to do with it.

Back in the day you would just tell people like that to shut up and come back after they have actually learned something about what they are talking about. But you can’t do that nowadays – they will blabber on about the first amendment (like I give a shit, I’m no government), or that they have the right to be heard, and that their opinions and their feelings are important.

Guess what? Nobody cares about your opinions, or your feelings, and for sure nobody in this country cares about your rights (that’s right, the only people that are SUPPOSED to care about and respect your rights are the government, and they routinely violate your rights every damn day and then laugh about it)!

You want to be heard? You want to be respected for your opinions? First, actually have opinions that are well researched and backed up by evidence, reason, and logic. Second, learn how to express your opinions persuasively and to the point. And keep it short – nobody has time for your rambling, incoherent bullshit. If you can’t say what you have to say in less than 10 minutes, you either don’t know what you are talking about, or don’t know how to talk. Or both.

TENtalks. Short speeches or presentations, from 2 to 10 minutes long, on the topic of your choice. You can include visual aids, music, poetry, song, but it all counts against your time limit. TENtalks are somewhat of a tradition at AgoraFest, but that doesn’t mean that everybody that does a talk gets an A++ or a gold star. Some TENtalks are crap, and hopefully your audience will care about you enough to tell you the truth when they are.

Want to give a TENtalk? Let us know. Don’t think you can fully deliver your message in less than ten minutes? Haven’t you been listening? Are you going to make me repeat myself?

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