pony collisionNew workshop this year – Saturday August 23 – check the schedule for time and location:


Do you enjoy competitive sports but dislike noisy crowds, boorishness, and stupidity? Are you looking for a little action but don’t have a lot of lettuce to put in the stream of trade? Are you still somewhat confused about the difference between class probability and case probability? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Come to an entertaining, educational, and (maybe) profitable workshop on the art and science of betting on the ponies. Your host, the wise yet inscrutable Master Of The White Paper Fan, will introduce you to the primary variables of horse, jockey and track, and the most common wagers as well as the sometimes difficult to understand exotic bets like the Trifecta and Daily Double. With very low minimum wagers, and many ways to win with reasonable odds, horse racing can be a highly enjoyable, and even profitable, pastime.

As a special bonus, I even understand there may be something happening at Saratoga during this workshop, so, who knows, it might be possible for you to immediately practice what you have learned!