Every year at AgoraFest we have live musical entertainment of some sort or another. And every year at AgoraFest most people would rather have one on one conversations, get drunk or high, chase feral cats in the Discordian tent, or (the most common activity for our tribe) go off by themselves and think deep thoughts.

I like to think I’m pretty clever and observant, and so sure enough, after only a few years of witnessing musicians playing to nonexistent audiences, I started to come to the conclusion that maybe I’m doing this all wrong. You see, the people who like music the most are – that’s right – musicians, and musicians love to play music with other musicians, and they don’t care if there is an audience. And besides, AgoraFest is a festival for Doers, not for those who need to be entertained.

So Musicians and Singers (and those who would like to be), bring your instruments, your voices, and your songs about living free to AgoraFest, and we’ll get together in the courtyard around the fire Friday and/or Saturday evening and play some music. If you can read music notation or a lead or chord chart please bring some to pass around, and if you can’t don’t worry we’ll help get you up to speed. Play and sing whatever you like, but I know for sure there will be some great pirate songs, and as for me, well I’m bringing my accordion and violin, and will be wearing a cigány sapka.

Now is the time – Arise, you Gypsies!

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