Drone technology continues to improve incredibly fast – with better sensors, more intelligent programming, more powerful motors and longer battery life, more and more people are using drones for search and rescue, commercial photography, mapping, agriculture, small item delivery, and very soon human transport! And humans will find many more creative ways to use drones – I can’t wait to see what is next!

This year we will have a larger variety of drones to fly than last year, and we will have enough FPV goggles to do some drone racing with our powerful micro racing drones. We will also do more aerial photography, and help you learn the basic skills on how to fly, so come over to the east field where we will have flying lessons on both Friday and Saturday.

Yes it is true governments continue to develop more advanced drones so they can spy on more people, destroy more property, and kill more people at wedding celebrations. But, as we are finding out every day, drones are much more useful as tools to make our lives safer, more convenient, and more beautiful.

I’d rather be flying, wouldn’t you?

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