Oktoberfest-Beer-Tent-1In a likely futile attempt to improve upon their reputation from last year, the proprietors of Inhuman Action have informed us they will be providing a HUGE tent (maybe not as huge as this picture) this year for anyone who wishes to eat, drink or just relax in a pleasant, family friendly environment with music, attentive and perhaps not entirely unattractive wait staff, and games and diversions for both young and old.

The tent will be open from 11am until 10pm, at which time Inhuman Action will operate from The Starwood, where I suspect they will once again attempt to prove empirically that the only true libertarian is a brutal libertarian.

Tentative Hours:
Inhuman Action AgoraFest Tent – 11am – 10pm Friday/Saturday

Inhuman Action @ The Starwood – 10pm – 3am Thursday through Saturday

To register for AgoraFest 2015: https://agorafest.com/index.php/sign-up-for-agorafest-2015/