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In The Beginning (so the story goes), there were two brothers. One brother was named Lift, and the other brother was named Drag. Lift was a pretty cool dude, always looking up, watching the birds fly, and wondering how he could learn to fly like them. Drag was, well, kind of a drag. The two brothers constantly fought, but Drag was stronger, and always won. Until one day when Lift looked up after a rainstorm and saw a beautiful rainbow arch across the sky. Lift said to himself, “I got it! It’s a parabola!”. And after that Lift always won over Drag, and since then, the world hasn’t been quite as much of a drag.

Yeah I know, it’s not very good, but it’s late and I can’t think of anything more clever. So the point is that at AgoraFest, we like flight, and all things that fly. Except for mosquitoes, which should be mostly gone by late September.

This year at AgoraFest we’ll have more and larger rocket launches, a radio controlled airplane or two, and several small and large quadcopter drones. You will be able learn how to fly a basic quadcopter, learn about aerial photography, and maybe even some do some FPV racing! Next year? If we can get a large enough landing area, maybe some ultralights and light sport aircraft!

Come over to the spaceport and let’s do some flying!

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