I know you have all been waiting for an update on Mr. Kobayashi’s food plans for this year. Get ready – I think you are really going to like this!

Mr. Kobayashi has been providing wood fire cooking at AgoraFest since, well, since the Vedic Age. This year he is expanding his operation by opening a traditional Dhaba, the beloved roadside diner of northern India, the land of Mr. Kobayashi’s youth. Kobayashi Dhaba will be open for breakfast and supper every day at AgoraFest (check the schedule for actual hours of operation).

The menu is still tentative, but you can of course expect Kobayashi’s legendary wood fire roast meats in the evening, eggs in the morning, all including potatoes, sourdough bread, and raw butter.

Drinks will include Chai tea and (subject to availability) Salted and Sweet Lassi – bhang के साथ या बिना – (that last added by an editor with only rudimentary Hindi, may not be accurate).

All food lovingly prepared from scratch. Thank you Mr. Kobayashi for keeping us well fed!

आप कोबाशिशी ढाबा में हमेशा आपका स्वागत है – जीते रहो!hermes

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