Out with her
On a rainy day
Sitting outside a Dhaba
Chai ka cup in hand
Putting my hand around her shoulder
Pulling her even closer
-Ahmed Uddin

However men try to reach me,
I return their love with my love;
whatever path they may travel,
it leads to me in the end.
-Bhagavad Gita

Many of the legends of Sri Kobayashi and his contributions to the Dharma have been lost, but we know that along with Lord Krishna and Arjuna, Kobayashi was also on the battlefield promoting Bhakti as the Way to Moksha, which has continued to be his mission throughout the Ages.

In his latest incarnation, Sri Kobayashi has honored us by providing the best wood fire cooking in this Kali Yuga. Last year he opened at AgoraFest a beloved Dhaba, the traditional roadside diner of northern India, the land of Sri Kobayashi’s youth.

This year Kobayashi will serve roast (uh)beef and chicken, along with boiled potatoes, and possibly Dal, Roti and Naan, all with raw butter and ghee.

Drinks will include Chai tea and (subject to availability) Salted and Sweet Lassi –  के साथ या बिना 😉

All food lovingly prepared from scratch. Please see the schedule for exact times and availability. Thank you Sri Kobayashi for blessing us with your wisdom and gifts!

आप कोबाशिशी ढाबा में हमेशा आपका स्वागत है – जीते रहो!

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