Your genetic code is 3 billion letters of DNA. These are the instructions that code for you. Can we read this code? Can we write it?

15 years ago it took the multi billion dollar Human Genome Project to read the first person’s genome. New tools make it cheaper and quicker, and within the reach of amateurs and tinkerers. Come and try your hands at some of these tools. Kids and adults can try these activities.

This session is facilitated by the biotechnologists and members of the Twin Cities DIY-Bio group, Bryan Jones and Michael Van Dyk. Both have a background in biochemistry and biotechnology.

This workshop will have hands-on biotechnology demos and informal discussion. Have you ever wondered what DNA looks like? Try your hand at extracting some DNA and take a look. You will also be able to try your hand at “painting” with fluorescent yeast on a petri dish.

Alongside the hands on activities we will have an informal discussion and Q & A time. Bring your thoughts and questions for our experts, Bryan and Michael on GMOs, genetic testing, teaching STEM subjects at home, or anything else “bio” related.

Let’s Play With DNA!

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