“A short story is a love affair (or a one night stand), a novel is a marriage.”

Four years ago, several aspiring creative writers met at AgoraFest and decided to start an annual anthology of short stories centered around themes of individual liberty and the struggle against states and other criminal gangs. Later this year the Agorist Writers Workshop will be publishing their third anthology with fifteen tales of fantasy with messages of liberty. Even dragons want to be free I guess!

This year at AgoraFest, the AWW will host a writers workshop on how to write short stories and get published. From developing a plot, avoiding common clichés, proofreading and editing, if you ever wanted to make the leap and finally get your writing in print, this workshop will help you succeed. In the second part of this workshop you will even get the chance to brainstorm and write your own story and if you want, share your work!

At this workshop they will also announce the theme for the fourth volume of the anthology and call for submissions – who knows your story might be published next year!

Check the schedule for the date and time of this workshop, and bring your creative ideas!

More about the Agorist Writers Workshop: https://www.agoristwritersworkshop.com/

The Agorist Writers Workshop on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/agoristwritersworkshop/

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