Little Library Collage croppedLooking for a fun and easy way to bring the message of liberty to your neighborhood, without needing to have awkward conversations with other human beings? Really, you know that all you want to say to people is, “Just read these Mises and Rothbard and Konkin books, and then we can talk if you must.” Yes, Little Free Libraries seem to be made especially for the (I’m generalizing of course, don’t get offended!) stereotypical introverted libertarian. Set it up next to the road or sidewalk, load them with your favorite pulp and ink ammo, and what happens!

In addition, Little Free Libraries are perfectly designed for Real Life Trolling (in particular that commie neighbor across the street). It is not surprising that the idea for these libraries started just a few short miles from AgoraFest, as after all, this is the land of passive-aggressiveness (if you don’t understand what I’m talking about, please watch the movie Fargo). Now you can fill your library with Austrian Economics classics, add Marx’s Das Kapital but write on the cover in a black marker “Or Just Be Stupid”, and let the fun begin! Or, put a webcam pointed on your library and watch your progressive neighbors swap out your liberty books for statist tripe. The next day keep the covers of their crap, throw out the insides and replace them with Orwell, Rand and Schulman. As you can see the possibilities are endless. Who knows, you might even discover other agorists you never knew lived in your ‘hood!

But maybe you don’t have the time to make your own library, or need inexpensive books to stock it with. We’ve got you covered! Derek Brommerich is bringing several models and sizes of libraries to AgoraFest, with prices roughly half the cost of buying one over the internet. And of course, the AgoraFest Bookstore will get you started on filling your library with great content! If you are looking for a particular model or design, contact Derek who would be happy to discuss a custom library to meet your exact needs. Let the battle of the books begin!

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