I understand your anger and frustration – and I share it. When the Anunnaki first came to earth they gave humanity a great gift from their own DNA – intelligence and self-awareness. But they wanted slaves, not equal partners, so they did not make us too intelligent, and they made sure that, unlike the gods of Nibiru, we would not live forever, so we succumb to sickness, cellular degradation, and eventually we die.

Meanwhile these shapeshifters, left behind thousands of years ago, have infiltrated the most powerful levels of the governments, businesses, and religions of Earth, where they continue to enslave mankind and deny to us (with a few special exceptions handpicked for their psychopathic abilities and loyalty to their reptilian overlords) immortality and freedom from sickness.

Perhaps the Anunnaki are not as smart as they think they are. Humans are now discovering many of the secrets of the double helix and we have learned about the intricacies of cellular biology. It seems like every few weeks a new discovery makes it possible to cure more diseases, slow down the effects of aging, and possibly even one day soon allow us to extend our lifespans significantly, or even reverse the aging process to allow those who desire to live forever.

But many of these life extension techniques may not be available from your family doctor or your local clinic. The “healthcare” industry grows incredibly wealthy on treating people with chronic debilitating diseases, not on helping people maintain and improve their health, so you will need to take responsibility for your own health and life extension.

Our secret special guest will discuss some of the latest research on how to become healthier, more energetic, live a longer more productive life, and even become better looking!