It was a hot and humid summer day in Long Beach, California. The year was 1988. Three young Long Beach musicians, Eric Wilson, Bud Gaugh, and Bradley Nowell were practicing in Wilson’s father’s garage. They knew they had talent, but were frustrated at trying to break into the music business. It so happened that legendary Long Beach agorist Samuel Edward Konkin III was visiting Billy Wilson, Eric’s father, and SEK3 overheard the boys’ conversation. He explained to them about counter-economics, and that if they play by the rules they will lose, and that instead they should just start their own record label, market it themselves through their live gigs, and develop a loyal and fanatical following that will buy their records.

Soon after that fateful meeting Skunk Records was born, and the rest is history. All because of a chance meeting with Long Beach agorist Sam Konkin.

Yes it is true – I made all this up. But it could have happened like this! And that is why we need to practice agorism, and listen to the great ska music of Sublime, performed by our own local Sublime tribute band SubPrime on the AgoraFest main stage!

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