rocketlaunchDue to popular demand (and the donation of a box of motors), we have decided to complement our autonomous vehicle and drone demonstrations with rocket launches, because if individual liberty has a future, we will need to get off this rock. Please check the daily schedule for launch times in the mornings and afternoons, weather permitting. We have several openings for Chief Launch Control Officer, Chief Recovery Officer, and Chief Launch Pad Safety Officer – perfect for young men and women who want to learn more about rocketry, chemistry and physics – check in at the Aerodrome tent if you think you are qualified.

Why wait for expensive corporate space flights like Virgin Galactic or SpaceShipOne? We are offering manned space flights this year at AgoraFest! Due to engineering and launch site limitations, however, we do have a maximum weight restriction this year including yourself, your suit and carry-ons of 15 X 10³ milligrams. For those of you who cannot meet this weight restriction we regret the inconvenience – we hope in future years to be able to accommodate larger payloads.

We’ll see you at Mos Eisley Aerodrome AND Spaceport!

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