Tea PartyNonsense! There is plenty of room at AgoraFest, but, it is also true we are less than THREE WEEKS away from AgoraFest, and I am coming up on a hard stop of sorts, at least for those of you who want to choose the Meal Plan (see my post “Second Breakfast” here: https://agorafest.com/index.php/what-about-second-breakfast/).

Our food caterer would like me to finalize the number of meal plan participants by this weekend, so they can order the food and determine how much help they need for preparation and so forth. This is totally understandable and I’m sure you will agree we do not want the cooks angry at us for any reason!

I am willing to drag my feet for as long as possible, but I suspect I will need to lock in the number of meals within the next week, so in particular if you want to take advantage of our excellent and reasonably priced meal option, I suggest you not waste Time (He doesn’t like it when you do that) and register for AgoraFest soon.

Otherwise for you, it might always be tea-time at AgoraFest. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – if you like riddles that is.

To learn more and to register for AgoraFest 2016: