“Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” – Yeats

Really there is nothing to be ashamed of, you can be honest, ok? I know you are uncomfortable with the word Anarchist. You think if you call yourself an anarchist your neighbor will think that you break Starbucks windows on the weekends. Libertarian and Voluntar(y)ist are cool words and quite multi-syllabic, and you would rather not be so silly as that dude who calls himself a Meat Popsicle. You make a special effort to order some colorful shirts from Amazon, so that your wardrobe is not entirely shades of black. You probably have a Circle A pin, but only wear it on special occasions (like this Saturday maybe!).

Understandable. The word “anarchism” means many different things, it’s used in different ways by different people, plus there is a weird and wonderful history behind it. Let’s go into it all.

This workshop will be a broad overview to anarchism, anarchists, and anarchy. Join Ian Mayes as he discusses the absolute rejection of the established order and the impassioned yearning for a completely different world.

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