What’s happening at AgoraFest this year? The same thing that happens every year, whatever you want. At AgoraFest we provide the venue and anybody who is attending is free to host a workshop.

Do you want to host a workshop? Perhaps you’re a beer brewer and want to show people who to make one of our most beloved drinks. Perhaps you’re a computer programmer and want to host an introduction to programming workshop. Perhaps you enjoy wilderness walks and want to lead one or several. The only limitation is your imagination.

If you want to host a workshop send an e-mail to support[at]agorafest[dot]com (you humans should be able to figured out the meaning of [at] and [dot]). Tell us the name you want to go by (it doesn’t have to be your real name), the title of your workshop, a brief description of what your workshop will be about, and whether you need amenities such as power, projectors, or other infrastructure. If you have a preference on day or time let us know and we’ll do our best to reserve that time slot for you but.

We are working on a first come, first serve basis so the earlier you submit your workshop to us the better your chances will be of getting a prime location and time.