I suspect many of you folks already know this, but just in case you didn’t – well over 100 million people regularly listen to podcasts around the world, and this number is growing by about 20 million EVERY YEAR. As the current El Presidente might say, this is Huge.

Of course podcasts about individual liberty are a very small percentage of that total, and podcasts that focus on agorism are an even smaller subset of that! So when you find a podcast that talks about agorism you have discovered some podcast treasure.

And even better, this podcast is produced locally!

Trey Weaver is the host of Subversion, a bi-weekly podcast that covers agorist topics and features interviews of important libertarian thinkers and doers. Trey will talk about his podcast, about how we can win people to the ideas of liberty, why exposing the war state is the libertarian’s strongest message, and how agorism & individualism is a superior method of creating freedom in an unfree world.

About Trey Weaver:

Trey is a tradesman by day, host of a libertarian podcast by night. On his show, Subversion, he has interviewed a wide range of guests. At the onset of the show, it was about interviewing independent musicians in order to give a platform to people who merit more ears than what is on FM stations. However, the pressure to keep the show sanitized in terms of economics and the state became to heavy. Since then, Subversion has become part of a podcast network made up of other libertarian podcasters called “Libertarian Union”. We are all in the general nexus of Rothbardian, Misesian, and other various libertarian thinkers in the classical liberal tradition. Guests on Subversion have included comedian Shane Mauss, historian Prof CJ of the “Dangerous History Podcast”, former officer Raeford Davis, TJ Eckhart of “Being Libertarian”, and many more.

Subversion Webcast – http://www.subversionwebcast.com

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