Was twenty years ago. Right, believe me, I get it.

So we are playing catch up, in a lot of ways. I, like many, perhaps most of you, attended (I won’t say was educated in) government schools. And I had to bust my ass intellectually in my 20’s and 30’s to make up for it. So maybe our parents didn’t care, or didn’t know any better, or if they did, they felt like they didn’t have any options. Whatever – that’s ancient history.

But we know better, and we know that we had better care, if for no more reason than otherwise our little angels will likely grow up to report us to the Thought Police and we’ll end up in Room 101 at the Ministry of Love. Besides, who doesn’t want their children to be smarter, more successful, and most importantly, more free than us? And today we and our children have options – more options than any other time in history!

Thus the Narada Institute. Named after perhaps the wisest sage in all the Vedic tradition, Narada Muni was so knowledgeable and wise that the gods came to him for the answers to the most difficult questions. Narada was familiar with the entire universe, and traveled to all the stars and planets. He was also an accomplished musician and always carried his musical instrument everywhere. And Narada was known to be an engineer of practical solutions, and even somewhat of a trickster, as he was highly skilled at using creative ways to avoid conflicts and solve problems.

You don’t need to be a Hindu, Buddhist, or Jain of course to appreciate the example of Narada. Our children face both enormous challenges, as well as limitless possibilities. If we will just give them a decent start, they will surely kick some serious ass (I mean, not literally, but maybe that also). This is the mission of the Narada Institute.

There will be several workshops and activities at AgoraFest this year focused on our kids. More about these coming up in a future post. But I would also like to invite you parents and other interested folks to a Narada Institute meeting at AgoraFest, where I would like to float the idea of a mobile STEM laboratory. These are becoming quite popular with both traditional schools as well as homeschool communities that see the need to cooperate to provide the often expensive and hard to find resources kids need to learn the sciences and technology. This would be a trailer, Class A or C motor home, or a bus conversion or similar, that will contain a laboratory with computers, microscopes, 3D printers, lab equipment and supplies to conduct science and technology experiments and projects. This mobile lab would allow us to go to the children, instead of making them (and you) come to a distant location at inconvenient days and times.

If this sounds interesting to you, please check the AgoraFest schedule for this meeting date and time and we’ll sit down and discuss this in more detail.

Malcom X famously said, “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.” I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being a fool.

See you at AgoraFest 2017!

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